We answer your phone 24/7. Learn more today.

Telesec representatives always answer your calls, we never outsource to another facility or country.

All of our representatives work in our office environment, we do not work from home.

Telesec is a hands-on, owner-operated company, ensuring you the best possible care.

We're here 24/7 to answer your calls, we never leave the phone lines unoccupied.

Allow us to provide the first front for your business's callers. With our professional and skilled operators, your business will have a very impressive image to your clients.

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Below are several testimonials from our clients. References are available upon request as well; please contact us to request our reference sheet.

Martha Griese, CEO

"The Red Cross in Yuba City can always count on Telesec Operators to find one of our staff or volunteers to assist those in need during our "off" hours.

It makes me gleam with pride to tell the community that we have Telesec as our answering service."

Vicki, Office Manager

Dr. Schiro's Office

"Telesec is an asset to our community. The staff is professional, friendly, eager to help and efficient in the performance of their jobs."

Thank you.

Terrie, Office Manager

Team Casing Inc.

"Just a line to thank you for the courteous, professional service that we receive from Telesec. Our phones are answered promptly and always with a cheerful voice. Our customers have commented that their calls are transferred quickly and that the operators are professional and friendly. Thank you again for being such a great part of our successful business."

Gary and Kathy - Debug Termite and Pest Control

"The heart of our business is calls, and with Telesec we don't miss any. The staff is professional, cautious and accurate. They're on the job for us 24/7 - we couldn't operate without them. Thank you so much."

P.S. You ladies are the greatest.

From the Law Office of Brenda Smith

"A message received recently proved to us that the operators aren't just answering our phones, but really listening to our customers. Angela's notes on one particular call showed her concern and ability to think on her feet. All the gals at Telesec are great! The percentage of callers leaving messages increased when we switched to Telesec."

Andy Giusti

Valley Wide Properties

"Telesec Answering Service gives me the greatest return on investment of all the services that my company uses. No missed calls, no hang-ups on the answering machine and better service for our clients 24/7."


Siller Brows Inc., Aviation

"We contracted with Telesec several years ago to allow our customers to contact us after hours and on weekends. Our company has fire fighting contracts and time is of the essence when they call for a dispatch. At the time of our original contract, we specified what calls should be put through to our staff and the priority of each. The staff at Telesec have this information in their system, so any operator can read and understand the individual clients' needs. This is a very valuable tool Telesec has to offer their clients.

Their staff is very professional and accurate. They are extremely adept at screening. If a second thought is given about whether or not to forward a call, you will receive a call just to check to see if their hunch is right. When given specific instructions regarding someone who may be calling you can count on your instructions to be followed to the letter.

I talk to the staff at Telesec all hours of the day and night, weekend, holidays, rather than feeling "Oh great the answering service is calling" when I see the number I know I will be greeted with a happy person on the other end of the line, usually sporting a great sense of humor as well.

If you are looking for a professional, accurate messaging service, you have come to the right place."