About us

Telesec has been providing answering services since 1968, back when we were still using a manual cord board switchboard.

Telesec was originally owned and operated by Rita Sanford/Osejo and was originally located on Percy Avenue in Yuba City which no longer exists because of expansion in the downtown Yuba City area.

Our services at the time were operated from a switchboard manufactured by Pacific Bell in 1940, which was quite a treat to operate. Because there were no technicians available in the area at the time to service phone switchboard equipment, and because the cost of moving the switchboard was so high, there was no option but to sell. Rita sold Telesec to Joyce Stricker in December of 1999. Joyce had already worked as an operator and had been promoted to Manager, a position which she held for 6 years.

Joyce moved the business to a new location on North Palora Street in Yuba City, and upgraded the phone system to a modern computerized switchboard. Telesec operated from the Palora location for five years, then was relocated to its current location in 2004 to Lincoln Road in Yuba City for the long term. A carefully planned technology upgrade that left no downtime along with the installation of a new T-1 line to provide crystal clear sound quality completed the move.

Back-up units and automatic generators were then installed to cover all Telesec clients in the event of a loss of municipal power.

In January of 2010, the office was expanded to add many more spacious up-to-date work stations for our operators to help eliminate most of the background noises one might hear in a call center. This expansion has allowed us to employ more operators and answer more calls from companies nationwide.

Today, our staff is well equipped with the latest technology to give our clients the same features and reliability that larger companies provide while maintaining the personal aspects desired in a smaller company. Our operators are now hand picked, tested for spelling and grammar, professionally trained to be courteous and accurate, and are paid fair wages with benefits. Joyce looks forward to making sure that all Telesec client phones get answered 24/7/365 well into the future, and we all have no doubt here at Telesec that this is exactly what she will do.

Today we provide our services to a variety of industries:

24/7 Er Svc.

Air Quality Control






Corporation's, Plants

Company call outs




Event / Info Centers

Fire Equip and Svc

Gas Companies


Insurance companies

Mechanical instruments, engineering


Parking Structures/Meters

Pest Control


Property Management


Real Estate


Social Svc




Water Companies

Well Drilling