Plans & Rates

Our service plans are affordable for any budget, starting at only $40 per month with no contracts.

Local and toll free numbers are available.

Per Minute Plans

Per Minute plans offer great flexibility. You only pay for what you use each month!
Per Minute
92¢ per minute
Inbound & Outbound
$40.00/month w/40 minutes - Includes script and 1 o/c schedule, ask about our add on delivery plan for a huge savings.

Fixed Rate Plans

Fixed Rate plans allow you to purchase a plan when you receive a fairly consistent amount of phone calls.
Option 1 - Not Offered for Medical Plans
50 calls per month (Inbound Calls)
$0.85 per over call

Option 2
100 calls per month (Inbound Calls)
$0.60 per over call

Message Delivery Options

These additional features can be added to any plan.
Patches (connect both parties) - E-mail messages - Daily Fax - Live message delivery - SMS Text - no medical – All delivery options are- $0.60 ea

We offer patching, emailing, faxing, texting, live operator delivery. It's all up to you!
With our client’s information we build a Telesec profile that can be changed anytime.

Our clients have the option to use our on-hold music or provide their own. Some of our clients use audio productions with music and a narrator while on hold. We record everything except patched calls, and our clients have the option to remove any recordings they choose.
Call transcripts are also available for a fee.

On-call Schedules - $10.00/month

Scripted Message (over 3 questions) - $10.00/month

Holidays are an additional $2.00 per Holiday

Medical Accounts

All Medical Accounts require a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

On-call Schedules - $10.00/month

Scripted Message (over 3 questions) - $10.00/month